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From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear Kingswood,              

Take some time to read Luke
3:23-38. What strikes you about
these passages? Exciting reading?
What do you think is the point of
these passages? Do you recognize any names in
the list? What do those names tell you about
Jesus? What do they say about God’s story?
What about our story? Sorry for the barrage of
questions, but we all need to learn or grow in our
ability to dig into Scripture.
Do you know where you come from? Do you
know who you come from? For many, the answer
to these questions matter. Where we come from
speaks of our culture and what were the norms of
our upbringing in community. Who we come from
speaks of our family, our place in intimate
relationships, our identity.
The same is true for Jesus. This list speaks of
all those things and more. If we want a great
challenge and a digging expedition that will
produce great reward, let’s take time to look up
each name we know (and possibly some others
we don’t) and learn what that part of God’s story
tells us about Jesus our Messiah. Many times in
scripture, these lists are far more than simple
boring genealogies.
Holy Spirit, please reveal to us what we can
learn about Jesus and God so that we can know
God through Jesus our Christ. Amen.

In Christ’s Grace,

Pastor Bill

Upcoming Activities

Sunday, January 23
English Worship Service 9:30 a.m.
Comunidad de Fe Worship 11:00 a.m.
Online Worship Online Worship Kingswood UMC Clovis, NM or

Comunidad de Fe on Facebook also
Iglesia Comunidad de Fe

Discipleship Formation 11:00 a.m.
Children (K-4th Grades) Kid’s Place
Youth (5th-12th Grades) Fellowship Hall
Young Adults Parlor
Seekers Contemporary Room
Johnson-Reid-Joy Education Wing
Club 56 5:00 pm
Fellowship Hall

Friday, February 11
Winter Blood Drive 2-6 p.m.
Fellowship Hall